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Become an Official Graffitos Taster

Become an Official Taster of Graffitos’ New Flavors and Win with Us.

We have a proposition to make. We know you’re a fan of  Graffitos. Therefore, we know that your senses are well developed and your perception of smell and taste work neatly, prerequisites for the art of sampling snacks.
Sensitivity, a delicate palate, a sharp smell, is what we need and we are looking for.
You will be first to hear about our new  flavors. We need your connoisseur opinion and you will get paid for it. So join us, and become an Official Taster.


This is very easy, complete the form below to receive the title of Official Taster and we will be contacting you as soon as we have a tasting.  You’ll get paid for a day of hard work and at the same time you will be participating for the monthly raffle of a full box of our products.

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