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WelcomeFeeling like a Movie Director?

Feeling like a movie director?

Grab your camera or cell phone and film your group enjoying life with Graffitos Chips. Would you like to share your videos with other people? Tell us about it: where and when you film it, who appears in it, who is the speaker, why you would like to see it on You Tube or TV, etc. Send us your film material and you will be participating for cash prizes..

1. Video Theme: Enjoying Life with Graffittos Chips, Pure Pleasure-No Guilt.

CIt is for sure that you and your friends can say it better than us “Graffitos Chips, Pure Pleasure – No Guilt.”

2. Capture it on Video

Take action, and let the Director in you come alive. Grabs your cell, your video camera, your tablet… and use those talents to produce your ideas on video and surprise us with your creativity.

3.Send us your video

4.Get votes for your video

Once your video is published in our con test Gallery, it may be voted by anyone who has a facebook account.

The more votes you obtain, the higher the opportunity of winning. Promote your video with your family and friends, use your blog or favorite social network;promote your video. We will email you the link to your video.


Voting will end on December 31, 2016.  The video with the most votes will be declared the First Prize Winner. There will be a second and third place. Press here for Terms & Conditions.



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